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11F (Brooklands) Squadron, located in 'Central Area' of Surrey Wing, LaSE Region.

The squadron was the first ADCC Squadron to be formed however, due to administrative errors, ended up being the 11th to be numbered.

11F is currently based in Brooklands College, however, during the Second World War, they were based at Vickers Aircraft Factory in Weybridge (now Brooklands Museum). During the war, the Squadron was home to over 500 cadets. Brooklands was in fact so large, it was often treated as its own wing.

11F Sqn's sister squadron was 11 (Fighter) Squadron RAF until the mid-late 1990's when communication between the two squadrons slowly disappeared. Recently, 11F have been closely linked with 27 Squadron RAF including Chinook flights and talks from pilots.

11F currently has circa. 40 cadets attending the squadron on Monday and Thursday evenings. The current Commanding Officer is Flight Lieutenant Patrick H Smith RAFVR(T)