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1701 (Johnstone) Squadron
"Gang Forward"
Founded: 1941
Address: Canal Street, Johnstone
Command Structure
Commanding Officer: Fly Off Karen Hailey RAF VR(T)
Wing: West Scotland Wing
Wing HQ: Paisley TAC
Parade Nights
Monday 1930 - 2200
Wednesday 1930 - 2200

1701 (Johnstone) Squadron is based in Johnstone, Renfrewshire and is part of West Scotland Wing. The squadron was formed in 1941 and is still active today.

Squadron Staff[]

Flight Lietenant Michael Falconer[]

A cadet with 1701 Squadron from 1984 to 1991, Michael left the squadron to study Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Salford and graduated with an Honours degree in 1994. On returning to the area he was invited to re-join as a Civilian Instructor which he did in 1995. Five years later he gained his commission, and remained with the squadron as it's Training Officer, and became the Commanding Officer in January 2005 following the departure of the previous commander. In 2014, he returned to the squardon as a CI.

He lives in Bridge of Weir with his wife and two children, and works for himself as an independant software developer/IT consultant. Having loved aviation since an early age he is currently undertaking training towards his Private Pilots Licence (PPL) at Prestwick Flying Club.

Flying Officer Pauline Gallagher[]

Pauline started her cadet career in 1992, joining 49F (Greenock) Squadron. On enrolling at the University of Dundee she transferred to 1232 (City of Dundee) Squadron to continue as a cadet and learn more about the ATC as a whole, leaving in 1996. Graduating with an Honours degree in Computing Science in 1998, she took up a post with British Telecom in Wolverhampton, rejoining the ATC there as a Civilian Instructor. Moving to Edinburgh for work commitments, she gained her commission while serving in Edinburgh and South Scotland Wing. After four years in Edinburgh and again for work commitments, she moved back to Greenock and transferred into 1701 (Johnstone) Sqn as its Adjutant. She works as an operational security manager for BT.

Always keen on aeroplanes, she has done some training towards a PPL through winning a scholarship from Flying Scholarships for the Disabled. She intends to complete the training soon.

Mr. Kieran Harper[]

Kieran is a civilian instructor with 1701 Squadron.

Mr. Chris Maloney[]

Chris is a civilian instructor with 1701 Squadron.

Cadet NCO's[]

Instructor Warrant Officer Scott Gralko[]

Scott joined the squadron aged 13 and has been with us for almost 4 years. He enjoys all aspects of cadet life and puts full effort into anything he does. So far Scott has achieved silver solo Gliding Scholarship wings, a Regional Marksman and also his Staff Cadet lanyard. In July 2005 he successfully completed the Air Cadet Leadership Course at RAF Stafford being awarded a Pass with Merit.He successfully completed his ICTC course in November 2006, being awarded the Astra Cup for being the top cadet on his course. He was promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer on 25th October 2007, he is currently the squadron's most senior cadet. He is no longer in the squardon and all titles have been removed.

Cadet Sergeant Liam Herpe[]

Cadet Sergeant Harper is the squadrons longest serving member, joining at 13 in October 2002. Liam is a very commited cadet giving his best effort to any task he is given. He has completed all his academic training and has been awarded the Staff Cadet lanyard. Also in July 2006 he completed the Air Cadet Leadership Course at MOD Stafford. He has also completed a Gliding Scholarship with 662 Volunteer Gliding Squadron in Arbroath. He was promoted to Sergeant on 18th December 2006.

Cadet Sergeant Douglas Gillespie[]

Cadet Sergeant Gillespie joined the squadron aged 14 and he progressed quicker than most as he had previous experience with the Army Cadets. He enjoys drill and sports. He was awarded his staff cadet lanyard on 1st March 2007 and has achieved a Regional Marksman.

Instructor Cadet Sergeant Gordon McNeill[]

Instructor Cadet Sergeant McNeill first joined cadets with 449 (Lanark) Squadron. However, recently he began his studies at university in Glasgow and decided it would be more practical to move to a closer squadron. He completed at HMS Caledonia in November 2006. He is currently a staff cadet at 661 Volunteer Gliding Squadron and has achieved his Gold Advanced Glider Training Wings. He enjoys most cadet activities, obviously with a particular interest in gliding.

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