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200 (Torquay) Squadron Crest

About 200 (Torquay) Squadron[]

The history of 200 (Torquay) Squadron can be traced back to Thursday 5th September 1940, which saw the Mayor, Alderman L.E. Currey chairing the inaugural meeting of the Corps. This was followed by an appeal for donations and financial aid to provide the necessary uniforms.

No 200 Squadron of the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC) as it was known held by its first parade on Saturday 19th October 1940, with the unit being initially limited to 150 boys aged 16 to 18.

The No 3 initial training wing (ITW) of the Royal Airforce Aircrew Training Scheme was based in the Strand area of Torbay, with its Headquarters in the St. James building on the harbourside and ATC parades being held in the old Greys Cars Garage in Torwood Street with its HQ at St. Vincents, Meadfoot Rd.

A detached flight (No 1528) was founded at the Boys Grammar School.

It was on the 5th February 1941 that the Air Defence Cadet Corps was taken over by the Royal Air Force and re-named The Air Training Corps and the 200 Squadron's permitted strength was raised to 200 cadets. 8th May 1942, the squadron was honoured to take part in a parade past HM King George VI and HRH Queen Elizabeth.

The 200 Squadron was disbanded in 1946 and incorporated into 1528 Detached Flight which was then granted Squadron status, moving into one of the huts in the top playground at the Boy's Grammar School off Barton Road. 1528 Squadron operated until in 1979, when the South Devon Technical College was expanding, the Squadron had to find new accommodation. This sited at Shiphay and was formally opened by the then Mayor, Councillor L. Howard on 8th December 1979. At this time the Squadron was re-allocated its founder number of 200 as it had once again become the Town Squadron.

In 1996, the Squadron moved to new purpose built accommodation still on the Grammar School Site which it shared with the Army Cadet Force.

Summer 2003, The grammar school underwent a project to build new accommodation for the two cadet services, still within the grounds of the grammar school, allowing the grammar school to grow. On Tuesday 25th July, 2006, 200 (Torquay) Squadron saw its brand new purpose built Joint Cadet Centre (JCC) officially open. The opening was carried out by The Lord Lieutenant of Devon Eric Dancer and was attended by The Chairman of Torbay Borough Council and by Air Chief Marshall Sir Michael Stear KCB CBE DLMA FRAef RAF (Ret'd) President of Devon and Somerset Wing Air Training Corps.

200 Squadron Commanding Officers[]

Here is the complete list of all the officers who have been Commanding Officer of 200 (Torquay) Squadron since it's establishment in 1940 right up until present date.

Eric PERRY 1940 - 1945 200 Sqn
Arthur ELLIS 1945 - 1947 1528 D/F and 1528 Sqn
W A GLANFIELD 1948 - 1958 1528 Sqn
Leslie A. KNEEBONE 1959 - 1965 1528 Sqn
John PEARCE 1966 - 1971 1528 Sqn
N HART 1972 - 1974 1528 Sqn
Jack COCKROFT 1974 - 1979 1528 Sqn
Jack COCKROFT 1979 - 1980 200 Sqn
Garfield HARRIS 1980 - 1982 200 Sqn
Brian WILLS-POPE 1982 - 1989 200 Sqn
Paul VINCENT 1989 - 1994 200 Sqn
Brian WILLS-POPE 1994 - 1996 200 Sqn
Paul VINCENT 1996 - 2000 200 Sqn
Phil CORNISH 2001 Jan - Jun 200 Sqn
Gavin SALT 2001 Jun - 2001 Oct 200 Sqn
Chris MILFORD 2002 Feb - 2013 Oct 200 Sqn
Mike GORMLEY 2013 Oct - Present 200 Sqn and 200 DF

Parade Nights[]

Cadets at 200 (Torquay) Squadron meet up on two nights a week: Tuesday and Thursday nights between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

Different activites are done on the two parade nights: Tuesday nights are in working blues (uniform). On this night, activities such as drill, aviation based lessons, project work and group discussions are done. On Thursday nights cadets wear camouflage uniform. Cadets will usually be involved in more physical activities like night exercises, team building exercises, command tasks, fieldcraft and sports.

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