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Farnham Squadron boasts an estimated 80 cadets on books, and parades on Tuesday and Friday evenings.[1]

With both an impressive staff structure and NCO team, Farnham is a rapidly developing squadron which offers fantastic prospects to cadets.

According to Instagram, the current Officer Commanding is Flt Lt Filler[2], supported in running the Squadron by various other core staff roles; the Squadron Adjutant (unknown), Squadron Training Officer (unknown) and SWO (unknown). All ATC squadrons have these basic roles. A staff team can be made up of officers, NCOs or CIs.

The Cadet NCO team play a pivotal role in the development and maintenance of squadron standards. According to Instagram, Farnham's SNCO team is currently led by Flt Sgt Wilson[3]. The size of this team is unknown, but NCO teams generally range from approximately 5 to 15 members.

Cadets find themselves partaking in many activities, from sports, AT, fieldcradt, leadership, First aid, teamwork exercises, STEM etc.

229 are recruiting cadets (between 12 and 17) and adult staff members (aged 20 plus). Interest can be registered via email to[4]

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