Air Training Corps Wiki

78 (Wembley) Sqn ATC[]

parades on Wednesdays and Fridays between 7.15 pm (19.15 hrs) and 9.45 pm (21.45) hrs.

The Squadron operates a very successful recruit intake system with three intakes per year, in January, April and September.

'Recruit training' is structured into two blocks, General Service Training, and First Class Cadet Training.

General Service Training involves learning about the RAF, ATC, how to do drill, and how to look after and wear your uniform.

First Class Cadet Training includes Initial Expedition Training, Airmanship 1, History of Flight, Basic Map Reading, First Aid (Heartstart) training, and Initial Weapons Training using our own indoor range.

After this training cadets are eligible for most activities within the ATC, including flying, gliding, sports, camps, adventure training, fieldcraft, more advanced shooting, and everything else we do !

16 and Under? - To join, visit the Squadron at 607 Harrow Road Wembley (next door to Wembley Police Station) preferably with a parent or guardian, and you will be shown around and briefed on what we do. You will be given a date to come back on the next recruit night and we will phone and remind you nearer the time.