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886 (City of Ripon) Squadron
Courage & Determination
886 Crest.png
886 Squadron Crest
Founded: 24 May 1984
Address: Cadet Centre, Clotherholme Road Ripon, North Yorkshire
Grid Ref: SE295717
Command Structure
Commanding Officer: Flt Lt Howard Bickerdike RAF VR(T)
Wing: Central and East Yorkshire Wing
Wing HQ: RAF Linton-on-Ouse
Parade Nights
Tuesday 19:00 - 21:30
Friday 19:00 - 21:30

886 (City of Ripon) Squadron is a squadron of the Air Training Corps, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. 886 is a growing squadron, with a complement of 50 cadets.

Command Structure[]

The squadron is part of Central and East Yorkshire Wing along with twenty-seven other squadrons and one detached flight. The current commanding officer is Flt Lt Howard Bickerdike, who took over command of the squadron on Friday 23rd May 2014 when the previous commanding officer Flt Lt Chris Crebbin was transferred to become OC 58 (Harrogate) Squadron.

Current Staff[]

The officers and NCOs are supported by civilian instructors, the squadron padre and a Civilian Welfare Committee.

Squadron Staff



Flt Lt

Howard Bickerdike

Flt Sgt(ATC)

Wayne Cobbett


Stuart Keddie


Jan Ross


Jonathan Owens


Detatched Flight[]

Ripon detatched flight was formed in 1979 as a detatched flight of 1953 (Knaresborough) Squadron with Flt Lt Keith Fiddler as the first commanding officer. Since being formed, Ripon has been a detached flight of 1029 (Thirsk) Squadron and of 58 (Harrogate) Squadron, eventually becoming a squadron in its own right in 1983.


In 1982 Flt Lt Jerry Kemp took command and then on 23 May 1983[1], 886 squadron was established, taking it's squadron number from the year in which the city of Ripon received its Royal Charter (AD 886). The squadron crest depicts the city's horn. The hornblower is a civic position and accompanies the city's Mayor on all official engagements. The crest was created by Cadet Corporal Wayne Cobbett in 2004, who is now one of the squadron's adult staff and himself a Ripon hornblower.

Flt Lt Richard Goodier took command in 1984 after Flt Lt Kemp's departure and commanded the squadron until he was temporarily posted to Knaresborough squadron in 1986, later returning to resume command at Ripon in 1988. Richard Goodier remained in command until 1997 when his wife, Flt Lt Anne Goodier, took command. Both Goodiers retired from uniformed service in 2002 when Flt Lt Jack Towse took over. Richard Goodier is now the civilian committee chairman. More recently, Flt Lt Chris Crebbin took command to replace Flt Lt Towse when he moved to Harrogate squadron in February 2007.

At one time Ripon squadron headquarters were at the Territorial Army (TA) building in the centre of Ripon, but the squadron was forced to move when the TA Centre was closed. After the closure of the centre a purpose built cadet centre was built on Clotherholme Road.

The squadron is now based on the premises that were built for them on Clotherholme Road on land owned by the MoD. They currently share the building with the local Detachment of the Army Cadet Force.

The squadron celebrated its 25th anniversary on 23 May 2008.

Parade Nights[]

The squadron parades between 19:00 and 21:30 every Tuesday and Friday night on purpose built premises, which they share with the Army Cadets near the army barracks on Clotherholme Road in Ripon.

Training Program[]

The training program can be broken down in to the following areas:

Adventure & Leadership Training[]


As required cadets follow the standard ATC syllabus to allow them to pass the necessary exams to allow them to progress through the classification structure and to develop a working knowledge of aviation and the British Armed Forces.


Main article: Projects

Cadets complete project work along side the theory and practicle lessons in order to progress through the classification structure.


Main article: Sport

The main sports played on squadron are volleyball and football. Cdt NCOs are responsibility for sports training on the sports field next to the squadron building. Occasional visits to the gym at RAF Linton-On-Ouse are arranged to allow further sports training to take place.


Main article: Drill

Drill refers to the sycronous movements made by a group of cadets on a parade. Drill is an important part of life in the military and so it forms a large part of the training programme within the ATC. All cadets are taught basic drill from the moment they join the ATC. Flt Sgt(ATC) Cobbett is responsible for all squadron Drill and Ceremonial Drill and is a qualified ATC Drill Instructor.

The squadron also takes part in the annual Drill Competition at Wing Training Day.


Main article: Shooting

Cadets are taught how to safely handle and fire a variety of weapons during their service with the ATC. The primary weapon used by the corps, and the squadron, is the No 8 rifle.

Flt Sgt(ATC) Cobbett is the squadrons Range Conducting Officer (RCO) and regulary organises Range Practices for cadets of the squadron to learn Marksmanship Principles and gain Marksman Awards in target shooting.

Weapons Handling Tests however cannot be conducted on squadron due to lack of qualified staff but are offered regular chances to attend training weekends at 1869 (Middlesbrough) Sqn to learn all safety aspects and handling of weapons, the weekends also give a great chance to meet other cadets from around the wing.

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  1. Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Warrant establishing 886 Ripon Squadron, HMSO, 1983-05-23.