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Air Cadet Central[]

Air Cadet Central ( is the premier air cadet related website on the internet, with useage surpassing that of even the official air cadet website. As well as providing resources to cadets and staff in the Air Cadet Organisation, it provide a number of heavily used services such as:

Forums - These are the focal point of Air Cadet Central. The forums cover a number of categories and topics, and cater for all members of the Air Cadet Organisation, from cadets to staff, and from ATC to CCF(RAF). Air Cadet Central is also frequented by members from other organisations such as the RAF, ACF, and SCC, as well as international cadet organisations from the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Wiki - [[1]] The ACC Wiki contains a wealth of information related to the Air Training Corps and the RAF, and is a dynamic resource which allows contributions by users for users.

Google Maps Project - [2] A major project successfully undertaken by Air Cadet Central users to create a Google Map of all Air Cadet squadrons in the United Kingdon