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A Civilian Instructor, or CI for short, is an adult, non-uniformed member of staff. CIs are volunteers and cannot claim pay but may claim reimbursement for travel expenses.

Civilian Instructors are normally used as teachers, using their own specialised knowledge, to instruct cadets in one or more sections of the Air Cadet Syllabus.

Appointment & Selection

CIs are appointed by a squadron's commander. There are no minimum educational requirements; all adults over the age of 20 are eligible to apply to join their local squadron as a CI. CIs, like all other adult staff, are required to obtain an enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau to ensure that they have no criminal convictions which would prevent them from working with children and young people.


Initial training for civilian instructors is provided at

Career Progression

After attending a Staff Development Course CIs will be able to make a decision about whether they wish to remain a CI or whether they would like to apply to become a uniformed member of staff as either an Adult SNCO or as a Commissioned Officer.