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RAFAC follows AP818 which is the drill manual of the RAF. In it is detailed the movements used during drill, and how they should be done. Drill originates from previous times in which armies marched in formation into battle. In modern times drill is used to move smartly from one place to another or on formal parades.

In Rafac all cadets and uniformed staff learn how to do basic foot drill and this is usually taught by an adult NCO or by a Cadet Drill Instructor. Cadets can also learn Banner Drill and Arms Drill in addition to the basics, although both of these are usually only used on formal parades.

Drill as a Flight or Squad[]

In Rafac a group of cadets doing drill is referred to as a 'flight', 'squad' (if there is a small number of cadets) or can be referred to as 'squadron' if the whole squadron is doing drill or is on parade. When forming up if there is less than 9 cadets they will be in 2 ranks and if there is 9 or more they will be in 3 ranks. The person taking drill will be stood opposite the squad and will be stood at the position of attention when giving commands. When the squad is marching the drill commander can either march with the squad or can turn on the spot so that they can see them. (A list of timings for drill movements can be found with the commands)

Taking Drill[]

As a Cadet NCO or a more senior cadet you may have to take drill, and should know how to call commands. The command is split into three stages; the introductory (ie 'Into Line'), the cautionary (ie 'Right'), which is drawn out slightly to allow preparation, and the executive (ie 'Turn') which is said quickly and clearly. A list of basic commands is as follows:

Note: 'Flight' will be used to refer to the persons doing drill throughout the example commands. The examples will be split up into Introductory, Cautionary EXECUTIVE. (SOME COMMAND HAVE NO INTRODUCTORY.)

Forming up:[]

  • Flight, MARKER
  • Tallest on the right shortest on the left in a single rank, SIZE
  • Flight, from the right, NUMBER
  • Even numbers stand fast, odd numbers two paces step forwards MARCH
  • Number 1 will stand fast, ranks right and left TURN
  • Form a flight in two/three ranks, QUICK MARCH


  • Flight, Flight SHUN (1)
  • Flight, Stand at EASE (1)
  • Move to the right/left, r/l TURN/INCLINE (1 Left Right 1)
  • Turning about, about TURN (1 Left Right 1)
  • Flight, Open order/close order MARCH (1 1 2)
  • An officer on parade, DISMISS (1 Left Right 1 L R U
  • Saluting to the front/left/right, to the f/l/r SALUTE (Up 2 3 Down)(U 2 3 4 5 D)
  • Flight, FALL OUT (1 Left Right 1 L R...)p 2 3 Down L R...)
  • By the left/right/center, QUICK MARCH


  • Turning about, about TURN (Check Left Right Left Forward)
  • Flight HALT (1 1 2)
  • Compliment on the march, eyes LEFT/RIGHT (Check Turn)
  • To the left/right SALUTE (Check-Up 2r 3 4 5 Down Swing)
  • To the front SALUTE (1 1 2 Left Right Up 2 3 Down 2 3 4 5 U 2 3 D L R 1 L R 1 L R...)
  • Right/left WHEEL
  • Move to the right/left, r/l TURN