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Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) is the administrative centre of the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO). It is based at RAFC Cranwell in Lincolnshire.


Commandant Air Cadets[]

The ACO is commanded by the Commandant Air Cadets who is a serving RAF Air Commodore[1]. The primary role of the Commandant is to direct the overall development of the ACO through directing policy.

The Commandant is responsible to Training Group, which forms part of Personnel and Training Command.

Chief of Staff[]

The Commandant is assisted by the Chief of Staff who is a retired RAF officer and who holds a commission in the RAF Reserves as a Group Captain[2]. The main responsibility of the Chief of Staff is for overall command and control of the ACO.



The administration department is responsible for personnel administration, accounting and finance and works services for the ACO[3].

The administration department is commanded by a serving RAF Wing Commander known as Wing Commander Admin.

Corporate Business[]

The corporate business department is responsible for the development of the ACO Management Plan as well as dealing with any Freedom of Information Act enquiries and is the point of contact for the Investor in People Award.

The corporate business department comprises two officers in the RAF Reserve; one Squadron Leader and a Flight Lieutenent.

Logistics Branch[]

Logistics branch deals with information technology support, supply matters and glider maintenance and is responsible for organising range inspections.

The logistics branch consists of six staff and a Wing Commander in the RAF Reserve.

Media & Communications[]

The media & communications department is led by staff from the Ministry of Defence and is responsible for the production of publicity materials, drafting news releases, liasing with the media and internal communications. It is this department that publishes the Air Cadet Magazine, maintains the official website. The annual report is published by the Media & Communications department. [4]

Physical Education (ATC)[]

This department is responsible for advising on and implementing the corp's physical education policy. They organise all major sporting events and provide advise to the regional physical training officers. It is this department that operate the two National Adventure Training Centres.

The department consists of a Squadron Leader from the RAF Reserve, an assistant and a clerical officer.


Main article: Combined Cadet Force

This department provides support to the RAF sections at CCF units throughout the country. The department is run by two RAF Reserve officers, a Wing Commander and a Squadron Leader and an admin officer. The department is supported by six regional staff and several regular RAF Senior NCOsmainly Sergeants with some Flight Sergeants.


Responsible for gliding provision within the ACO, this department is run by the Chief of Staff.

Health & Safety[]

Responsible for advising on matters of health and safety.

Training Ground (ATC)[]

The training ground branch are responsible for all ground-based (ie non-flying) training, with the exception of sports and adventure training (which are dealt with by the physical training department.

The training ground branch is commanded by a Wing Commander RAFR and is split in to six departments; TG Admin and TG 1 - TG 5.


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