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Junior leader

The Air Training Corps operates a leadership course for cadets run in three phases, that are split into eight separate training weekends and a 10 day test phase. Cadets over the age of 17, and of at least the rank of Cadet Sergeant, can complete the course. The course requires over a hundred hours of planning and a high degree of physical fitness

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The Junior Leaders DZ patch

This course is rightly known as the toughest course available to Air Cadets. Once all assessments and training phases have been passed, candidates are allowed to wear a special DZ flash on their MTP Patches 'Greens'. This patch features two colours, Wedgwood Blue and Olive Green

The Commanding Officer of Junior Leaders was Squadron Leader Williams, who has now relinquished command to Sqn Ldr Roberts. There is a team of dedicated and exceptional instructors and logistics officers who ensure that the course runs smoothly. 

Successful students of the course are known as QJLs (Qualified Junior Leaders). Each year, a selection of the most able 'Q's are invited back to assist with instruction, logistics and any other roles the Directing Staff see fit. During test week a select few will operate as civilians or enemy.