Air Training Corps Wiki

London Wing is part of the nationwide Air Training Corps. There are 28 squadrons in London wing, ranging all around London. It is in London and south east region.

Wing Commander Colin Gale is currently OC London Wing

Below is a list of the Squadrons within London Wing:

4F (Ilford)
6F (Romford)
9F (Islington) OC: Flt Lt Suly Mayet RAF VR(T)
12F (Walthamstow and Leyton)
27F (Chingford)
31 (Tower Hamlets) OC: Flt Lt Rex Nicholls RAFVR(T)
33F (Battersea) OC: WO Lewis (ATC)
34F (Balham & Tooting) A/OC: FS Dorian Pursey (ATC)
46F (Kensington)
48F (Hampstead)
50F (Camberwell & Lambeth) OC: Flt Lt Leroy Smith RAFVR(T)
56 (Woolwich) OC: Flt Lt Bird RAFVR(T)
82 (Wandsworth) OC: WO Brandon (ATC)
241 (Wanstead & Woodford)
282 (East Ham)
291 (Westminster & Chelsea) OC: WO Roland McKenzie (ATC)
296 (Stoke Newington)
329 (Finsbury) OC: Flt Lt Riley RAFVR(T)
338 (West Ham)
344 (Fulham)
444 (Shoreditch)
452 (Hornchurch)
1147 (Barking)
1475 (Dulwich) OC: Flt Lt Wash RAFVR(T)
1838 (Elm Park)
1921 (Lewisham)
2048 (Dagenham)
2324 (Chigwell)