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The No.8 Rifle is a bolt-action .22 calibre conversion of the Lee Enfield desgined for target shooting. They are simple hand-fed rifles and were originally designed to be used by military marksmen firing in civilian competitions, before being turned over to the cadet forces. Currently, the No.8 is used by all the cadet services as a basic target rifle. Quite a few examples are in civilian ownership worldwide, especially following the disposal by the New Zealand cadet forces of their No.8 and No.9 rifles at auction.

Use in Cadet Forces[]

To be allowed to fire the rifle, a cadet must be formally trained on the weapon by a qualified instructor and pass a standardised Weapon Handling Test. The WHT tests the cadet's knowledge of safety with firearms, reactions to range orders and to rifle defects (misfires and bulged barrels). Once the cadet has passed his WHT there are various marksmanship tests available, which vary depending on service.

In the modern day the No.8 is sometimes the first rifle which British cadets use. Cadets may progress to the L98 Cadet Rifles (an adaption of the SA80 series of weapons) and the L81 A2 Cadet Target Rifle