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A Squadron is the basic unit within the Air Training Corps. Squadrons vary in size from 30 cadets to over 100 cadets. To retain squadron status, a squadron must retain at least 30 cadets (although some rural squadrons are permitted to continue with between 20-30 cadets).

Command Structure[]

Adult Staff[]

Each squadron is commanded by an RAF VR(T) officer, usually a Flight Lieutenant. The commanding officer will be supported by a number of more junior VR(T) officers as well as adult NCOs, civilian instructors and a civilian committee. The exact number of adult staff assigned to a squadron at any one time will depend on its size.


Each squadron will also have a number of cadet NCOs whose primary role is to maintain discipline, instruct other cadets and to implement the orders of the commanding officer.

The cadets use a rank structure similar to the one in use by the RAF.

Detached Flights[]

Main article: Detatched Flight

A Detached Flight is too small to operate as a squadron in its own right. A Detached Flight will have between 15 and 30 cadets and will operate as a satellite of a larger squadron.

As of July 2008 there are over 900 squadrons and around 90 Detached Flights in existence.

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